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Hadar’s Bday – Sukkot 5773

The rest of the set from Gina

Latest Family Photo

We went to the Fishman’s Bris last week. They had twins and the first twin (Tzvi Meir) had his bris on Tzom Gedalya in the afternoon (so no seudah). The “sequel” is on Thursday (day after Yom Kippur)

Anyway, Meir Zarovsky was the photographer and he took a family of us and just emailed us the photo:

From Left: Avinadav Shalom, Me (Sender), Akavya, Neiriya Chanoch, Kil’av Elkanah, Elana

The Photo Galleries Have Finally Been Updated

I have finally updated the gallery.

There are 67 photos in the new one – most of them are “new” (have not been seen yet).

These are photos that span from Feb 2010 to May 2010. I still have a backlog, and they will hopefully be up to date within 2 weeks (famous last words) . I will try to put up some videos too – I have an even greater backlog with those.

These photos were still taken with my phone – but they are still good.

Any way the gallery is on the main site:

Check it out.