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Latest Family Photo

We went to the Fishman’s Bris last week. They had twins and the first twin (Tzvi Meir) had his bris on Tzom Gedalya in the afternoon (so no seudah). The “sequel” is on Thursday (day after Yom Kippur)

Anyway, Meir Zarovsky was the photographer and he took a family of us and just emailed us the photo:

From Left: Avinadav Shalom, Me (Sender), Akavya, Neiriya Chanoch, Kil’av Elkanah, Elana

Classic Neiri Photo

Here is the classic Neiri Photo.

It is still my favorite. It was taken on the 6th of April 2009, and as far a I remember, I was just playing around with my phone, waiting for Neiriya Chanoch to finish his breakfast so I could take him to gan.

He was a little dirty – he was still a messy eater back then – and I just pointed my phone camera at him and he smiled so I took the photo.