Meshi’s BatMitzvah

I managed to take a few photos at the BatMitzvah.

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Dog Sketch

Recent Sketches by Kil’av including a dog sketch that he drew for Ro’i. 

They were all drawn free hand except for the city street for which he used a piece of paper as a make-shift ruler.  

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Akavya & DavShalom waiting to leave for Keitanah this morning

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Kilavi’s Latest Sketches 2

I watched him sketch the cars in a matter of seconds:

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Kilavi’s Latest Sketches

Here are some of his latest sketches that I watched him draw. They are all free hand except the one of the house that he drew with a make shift ruler

The pencil sketch of the ship somehow got folded, so it scanned in with a line through the middle of the page.

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Clowning Around Waiting for the Bus

Found Some Pics from Summer that I didn’t post yet.